Tutorial on Playing Mobile Legends Games for Beginners

Tutorial on Playing Mobile Legends Games for Beginners – Moba games like Mobile Legends or commonly called ML are rather difficult games because you will be fighting other players and not bots/computers. For you novice players, if you know good and correct tips or how to play the Mobile Legends game, it is certain that in the future you will be a pro player and not become a burden to the team. Maybe, you can also become Top global or Top local Rank, if not you can also become Top Global Hero or Top Local Hero, which of course will be very difficult to achieve.

On average, players who are still beginners don’t understand how to play the good and correct Mobile Legends game, so sometimes novice players often become feeders, or worse, they will become AFK. In essence, if you are a beginner, newbie, or noob player who wants to be a pro player, you have to play patiently, play safe, not be selfish, and cooperate. The following are powerful tips on how to play Mobile Legends for beginners. To find out other exciting games, you can visit IDN Poker.

• Internet Connection Must Be Stable

The first most important tip when playing Mobile Legends, according to Kabar Games, the connection must be smooth, because you also know that an unstable connection can create lag. If it’s lagged, you will die a lot. When open war or 1vs1 suddenly the connection lags which results in late issuing skills and usually auto dies. It would be better if you fix the connection first before playing, make sure the connection is green or at least yellow.

Another alternative to deal with lagging connections, you can use speed mode so you don’t lag. But some use speed mode which results in more severe lag. Remember! The Mobile Legends game doesn’t require a fast connection but requires a stable and uninterrupted connection.

When your connection is erratic (the lag is sometimes smooth), it is advisable not to play Ranked Mode. Why? There are several reasons you shouldn’t play ranked when the connection is uncertain.

First, harm yourself as well as other players. When the main ranked, a bad connection can make you a burden on the team and feeder. So you might get Report + KDA and your winrate and other players will drop.

Second, the stars will fall. News Games has confirmed that if your connection is bad, then the chance of winning is only 15% (for Master tier and above). If you lose, of course, you and other players will lose stars + you might get a report.

So the point is, never play Ranked Mode once if the connection is bad. Because of the connection is erratic, then you force to play Ranked, it’s the same as you throwing stars.

What are the tips for playing mobile legend to win?

• Mastered a Minimum of Two Heroes

The next tip is that you must master at least two Mobile Legends heroes. One favorite hero and another tank hero. You have to know the hero you are using, starting from combos and skills, build items, passive skills, characteristics, emblems, or spells that are suitable for the hero. To find out more exciting games, visit Poker.

If you are in the Epic tier and below, it is advisable to master heroes other than Marksman (MM), because, in the Grand Master (GM) tier and below, many have mastered Hero Marksman. And as long as you know, if there are two MM heroes in one team it’s bad, but if there is no Marksman it’s also bad, just one Hero Marksman is enough during the match.

Kabar Games recommends that you learn tanks so that when no one wants to become a tank, you are immediately ready to become a tank because considering the role of tanks is very important. One of the determinants of victory is the existence of a Hero Tank during a match, if there is no hero tank, your team will be in trouble.

The most important thing is if you use the Mobile Legends Tank role, which is always in front and willing to die for another hero. Did Tank die 5 times? It is common. Choose a tank that can make your opponent bother, for example, Grock, Akai, Tigreal, Hilda, Minotaur, or Khufu.

• Play it safe, don’t get provoked

Now, this is a disease for beginners and noob players (noob players do not mean noob). Playing is not careful, aka desperate. For example, if an enemy is dying, he chases it even though he enters the turret, and the result is that they will die from being shot by the turret, or if an enemy has gathered, suddenly this players noob advances alone.

So if you still like to die from turrets or die from gangbanging, it’s time for you to stop being a feeder. Play with your heart, after all, if there are friends who can help, why are you going alone? The point is playing carefully is one of the ways to become a pro player in Mobile Legends, if you play desperately, you may become a feeder. Here are some tips for playing it safe in the Mobile Legends game.

Always with your teammates so that when an enemy attacks you, you can be helped

Do not pass/approach the bush if it is not necessarily safe (it could be that enemies are waiting)

make sure the HP/life of the hero is always above 3/4 of the blood so you don’t die easily

Always look at the map, so you know where your opponent is

Do not advance alone when an opponent is clustered

Always avoid opponent’s skills (required)

Steal the opponent’s turret, but be careful

What do you need to pay attention to when playing mobile legends?

• Effective Forest Farming

There are 2 types of Noob players playing Mobile Legends, first, never Farming at all, second, all he knows is farming without caring about towers. Farming is okay, but you have to focus on the turret because turrets are more important than forest monsters. For those of you who are still beginners, you should start now to learn to farm. You have to know when to go to the forest and when to guard the turret. To find out other exciting games, you can visit Poker Online.

A few tips, if you want to go to the forest, kill the minions going to our turret, to make it safer. Your farm in the forest as fast as possible, then come back again to guard the turret. Repeat this continuously, then you will not lose the level and gold, maybe even get the highest level and gold. The following are effective farming tips in the Mobile Legends game:

– Use Jungle Items

– Take the top Buff to get more EXP

– Kill the forest monsters near Buff

– Kill the Minions on the lane

– Take the Lord and the Turtle

– Gank the other lane

• Always Pay Attention to the Mini Map

Players who never pay attention to the mini-map can say “Blind Map”. Blind map means here You never see the small folder in the upper left corner. So that players who are map blind will not know that there may be an opponent hero nearby. Even worse, players who are blind to the map must not know the condition of the turret being attacked, so they often miss the tower. Surely this is very detrimental to the team, and players who are map blind are hated by ML Pro players.

Not only that, blind map players generally don’t know the condition of the team, so they rarely help the team during a war. In essence, besides you have to see your hero, you also have to look at the map continuously so that you don’t miss the tower, you can help the team and be able to avoid enemy attacks.